Braintree Museum

Job Title: Buildings / Collections & Exhibitions / Fundraising
Location: Braintree District Museum Trust, Essex
Time Commitment: Meetings every two months
Contact Details:

Braintree District Museum Trust is keen for our Trustees to provide a diverse community voice, encouragement, strategic direction and specialist support. The Trust aims to collect and promote the heritage of Braintree District and establish the Warner Textile Archive as a national design and manufacturing resource. Throughout the year we use our extensive textile and museum collections in research, education, events, exhibitions and commercial services all supported by a committed team of staff and volunteers for our local community, families and textile enthusiasts.

We currently have the following Trustee vacancies:


To provide advice on the care of the Victorian school buildings and site of Braintree Museum, owned by the Trust and the grade II listed mill building housing the Warner Textile Archive. Be part of the team working on the redevelopment of Braintree Museum to provide modern education, exhibition and event facilities at the heart of the town.

Collections & Exhibitions

To advocate an audience focus for the collections and exhibition programme and guide the digital journey of the Trust that own the nationally important Warner Textile Archive collection and manage the Braintree Museum collection both to full Arts Council England Accreditation Standard. Both the Archive and Museum are focusing on creating a digital catalogue of their collections to enable access by a more diverse audience.


To support the Trust achieve its strategic objectives by generating funds for the development of the Archive and Museum through donations and grants. The Trust is currently fundraising for the Braintree Museum Urban Garden for community benefit and Warner Textile Archive Collection Digitisation to enable income generation and research.

Additional information

Trust meetings are every two months at 6.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month.

Please contact Robert on 01376 328868 or at to find out more.