Museum of the Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection)

Job Title: Marketing / Fundraising
Location: Museum of the Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection)
Time Commitment: 2 meetings a year
Contact Details:

We are seeking one or two Trustees to join a small, but dedicated, Board for Museum of the Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection). We would value interest from anyone who has knowledge of marketing or Fundraising.

The Museum needs to raise funds to build its endowment which will help secure its future. Like other military museums, we are the custodians of the stories of thousands of local soldiers who have served in the Regiment. The museum’s collection contains an archive of photographs, documents, medals, and artefacts which date back to the formation of the 45th (Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot and up to the present-day Mercian Regiment.

Number of meetings per annum/time commitment: 2 meetings per annum

Daytime or evening meetings: Daytime

Closing date for applications:       n/a

Contact details or web link for applicants to find out more:

Click here to visit the Museum of the Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection) website>>