Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Trust

Job Title: Finance / Social media / Education
Location: Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Trust, Gwynedd
Time Commitment: 8-10 meetings per year
Contact Details:

Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Trust is recruiting three new trustees:

  1. Finance A person who has had experience of financial management and ensuring financial probity, and with experience of fund raising in the charity sector.
  1. Social Media A person who has an active interest and engagement with the online community through the leading social media apps, and is able to project our presence to the widest possible audience domestically and internationally. Who is capable of creating online content such as video and graphics documenting the Trust’s activities and promoting awareness of our unique collection of narrow gauge railway artefacts.
  1. Education. A serving or retired education professional who is fully conversant with the Welsh National Curriculum and able to communicate the huge contribution made by narrow-gauge railways to the economic, social and cultural development of modern British society. This Trustee would benefit from being a Welsh speaker to engage with local schools.

Additional information

Number of meetings per annum/time commitment:      Typically 8-10 per annum. The meetings are hybrid, comprising in person at Tywyn and online via Microsoft Teams, so that trustees do not necessarily have to travel to Tywyn to take part.

Daytime or evening meetings:                Evenings, usually starting at 7:30pm and lasting up to 2 hours. The date being mutually agreed upon in advance.

Closing date for applications:       N/A

Contact details or web link for applicants to find out more:

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