National Museum of the Royal Navy

Job Title: Trustee with experience of the Royal Marine Service
Location: National Museum of the Royal Navy
Time Commitment: 4 meetings per year
Contact Details:
Closing date: 2024-04-05

The National Museum’s Articles of Association make provision for up to 16 Trustees, who are also the Members and Directors of the National Museum of the Royal Navy for the purposes of company law, and who collectively form the Board. The Board of Trustees meets four times a year (hybrid meetings) to set the long-term strategic objectives of the National Museum, agree corporate priorities and review performance. The role of the Board is also to ensure the distinct legal obligations and charitable objectives are fulfilled, ensuring high standards of corporate governance are maintained, with effective control systems and decision-making processes in place.

The trustees are expected to act as ambassadors for the National Museum, attending fundraising events, the opening of new exhibitions and meetings with the Royal Navy, Ministry of Defence and other key partners and stakeholders.

In addition to the Board of Trustees, there is a separate NMRN Operations Board, charged with responsibility for the operational delivery of the corporate priorities. At least one trustee from the Main Board is also an NMRN Operations trustee. There are also five committees: Audit and Governance; Nomination and Remuneration; Collections, Research, Access and Learning; Fundraising; and Brand and Digital Engagement. Trustees are typically expected to be appointed to at least one of these committees with a possibility of appointment to ad hoc project boards or other subsidiaries within the NMRN group.

Additional information

Number of meetings per annum/time commitment: 4 per year

Daytime or evening meetings: Daytimes

Closing date for applications:       5 April 2024

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