Tewkesbury Museum

Job Title: Collections / Fundraising / Charity Secretary / Treasurer
Location: Gloucestershire
Time Commitment: 8 meetings a year
Contact Details: rota@tewkesburymuseum.org
Closing date: 2024-03-31


Tewkesbury Museum is a small, independent museum focusing on Tewkesbury and the surrounding area. It is accredited by the Arts Council.

Our collections include around 7,000 objects or groups of objects, some of which are displayed in our six exhibition rooms.  We currently welcome 6,000 visitors a year but we could accommodate far more.

Outside the museum itself we arrange talks in the spring and autumn and guided walks all year round.

We lease a timber-framed building built in around 1670.  Substantial and long-awaited repairs are being carried out between November 2023 and spring 2024.  This is the first phase of an ambitious £800k Transformation Project.

This is a great time to join our Board of Trustees.  Up till now we have been a well-respected, if old-fashioned museum.  Our five-year forward plan sets out how we intend to become more modern, enjoyable and inclusive.  Our Vision is to ‘be the best small museum in Gloucestershire’.  We need several talented people to help us develop and achieve our goals. 

All our trustees have specific areas of responsibility but are also expected to contribute to all aspects of the Museum’s strategy and governance.  They need to live reasonably close to Tewkesbury – say, no more than an hour’s drive – as, although many activities can be carried out remotely, they need to visit the museum once or twice a month.

We provide a comprehensive induction and handover to our new trustees.

Collections Trustee

  • Conserve, store and display the Museum’s collection
  • Continue SPECTRUM implementation
  • Regain full accreditation
  • Provide the public with access to the collections
  • Manage relevant volunteers
  • Chair Collections Committee


Fundraising Trustee

  • Secure grants, in particular to allow the remaining £300k of our Transformation Project to proceed
  • Maximise visitor donations
  • Maintain existing and develop new events

Charity Secretary

  • Ensure compliance with our constitution and lease, and with other legal and regulatory requirements
  • Liaise with the Charity Commission, eg notify trustee changes, review CC News and disseminate to other trustees
  • Work closely with the Chair to ensure that board meetings are effective



  • Maintain and follow our Financial Policy and Procedures
  • Update and operate our bank account and payment system
  • Record financial transactions and prepare quarterly and annual accounts
  • Prepare budgets and forecasts
  • Claim Gift Aid
  • Assist with grant applications

Additional information:

Number of meetings per annum/time commitment:

12-15 hours a month, including 8 board and 8 team meetings a year and assisting with running the museum.

Daytime or evening meetings:  Board meetings are currently from 5 to 7pm alternating between in-person and on-line.  Team meetings to suit members’ availability.

Closing date for applications:  31 March 2024.

Contact details for applicants to find out more:  Paul Drake, rota@tewkesburymuseum.org

Website:  https://www.tewkesburymuseum.org/