Victor Batte Lay Foundation

Job Title: Treasurer / Company Secretary
Location: Victor Batte-Lay Foundation (The Minories), Essex
Time Commitment: 12 meetings per year
Contact Details:

A new Trustee is required to join the Board of the Victor Batte Lay Foundation, the owner of The Minories Art Gallery building and its art collection. The specific role to be filled is that of Treasurer / Company Secretary.

Skills and Experience:

  • Previous interaction with Companies House, HMRC and Charity Commission would be useful, as would an understanding and experience of Gift Aid.
  • The candidate does not need to be a qualified accountant however some experience of financial management including accounting procedures and processes would be required – e.g. ability to create, maintain and be fully conversant with cashflow projections, budgets, income and expenditure spreadsheets/reports.
  • An understanding of balance sheet and profit and loss would be important (but not the necessity of actually creating annual report as this is outsourced).
  • Day to day book-keeping is outsourced but review of activity and oversight of bank account remains with Treasurer. 

Examples of tasks to be performed:

  • Being point of contact for Charity Commission, Companies House and HMRC.
  • Keeping required information and data up to date with these organisations.
  • Liaising with external book-keeping company and auditor/accountant.
  • Liaising with Investment Manager.
  • Generating P&L, cashflow etc reports for the other Trustees.
  • Assisting with financial information required for grant applications.

Additional information:

Number of meetings per annum/time commitment: 12 per annum. 2 hours per meeting

Daytime or evening meetings: Tuesday evenings, 5.30 – 7pm

Closing date for applications: Ongoing

Contact details or web link for applicants to find out more:

Organisation website: