Trustee vacancy – Urras Achadh an Droighinn/The Auchindrain Trust

Urras Achadh an Droighinn/The Auchindrain Trust in Argyll, Scotland is seeking outward-looking movers, shakers and influencers, to win hearts and minds and/or bring ideas to attract people and income.  Any professional background or previous experience, but particularly marketing and brand development, community engagement, and sponsorship and in-kind support.  Also, an experienced museum professional who understands the operation of independent museums.

Number of meetings per annum/time commitment: 4-6 meetings a year; responses to emails and documents; individual Trustee activities as influencers and resource investigators.

Daytime or evening meetings: Generally daytime

Closing date for applications: Open until all vacancies are filled

Contact details for applicants to find out more:      Bob Clark, Director:

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