Hallmarks at Home – Purpose: Find your why

Find your why. Learn how to create a clear, compelling purpose for your museum

AIM’s first Hallmark is Purpose; a clear statement about why you are there which should be shared by everyone in your museum.

Learn how to create your pitch – it’s more complex than you imagine!  Once you have a pitch, if someone asks you about your museum or you’re bidding for funding, you can clearly state why you exist and why you deserve to be supported.  It will become a very powerful statement and will transform how you think about yourself.

What this workshop will cover:

  • be clear about your purpose: what is your museum for?
  • how to ensure you all share the same vision
  • vision, mission and purpose: are they different and does it matter?

This workshop will be interactive, engaging and stimulating.

What you will take away:

  • the beginnings of your vision and mission
  • how to involve all your volunteers/staff in creating your purpose
  • top tips on creating a shared vision and mission

Hilary McGowan is a leading governance and resilience museums consultant with over 35 years helping museums to grow stronger and change so they can thrive. Her background as a Museum Director in York, Exeter and Bristol, and as a Trustee of Bletchley Park means she understands every point of view. She is known for her lively and stimulating workshops.

11am – 12.30pm Thursday 18 November.

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