Hallmarks at Home – Volunteering: Rethink and refresh

There is no question that Covid-19 has caused many of us – individuals and organisations alike – to reflect on our priorities and plans for the future.  As the UK emerges (hesitatingly) from the pandemic and museums begin to get to grips with new ways of working, now is an ideal time to consider your museum’s plans for volunteering.  Does your volunteer programme still meet your museum’s needs, or do you need to introduce new roles, or re-direct volunteer efforts towards different goals?  Have you got enough volunteers or do you need to recruit more people?

This practical workshop will help you to re-think volunteering to ensure that your volunteer programme meets your museum’s needs for the future.  It will cover:

  • How to review your current volunteering arrangements and develop your volunteer programme to meet your museum’s changing needs.
  • How to run an open recruitment process for volunteers, including recruiting a more diverse pool of volunteers.
  • How to bring existing volunteers back to your museum safely, and support them with changes to their volunteer experience.

The workshop will be led by Alex Lindley, one of AIM’s Prospering Boards consultants. Alex has extensive experience of working with AIM members and other cultural and Not-for-Profit organisations to develop volunteering strategies, manage volunteer recruitment, improve volunteer management practices and increase volunteer engagement and motivation.

11am – 12.30pm Wednesday 26 January. Free event, for AIM members only.

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