Top tips to increase revenue for your museum

AIM Associate Suppliers Vennersys are experts when it comes to integrated ticketing and point-of-sale solutions for your heritage venue. Their top tips on increasing revenue will also help reduce queues and improve customer service.

Implement Gift Aid Software

For museums, maximising donations and revenue is a priority for the smooth running of the venue. One of the best ways to do this is to utilise Gift Aid when visitors are donating, be it during the online ticketing process or on location. The additional revenue provided by Gift Aid could help you improve systems and services site-wide and could be re-invested into further developments for your organisation.

Implementing Gift Aid into your ticketing system will help streamline the donation process for your visitors by giving them the opportunity to add a donation at checkout, while reducing your admin times.

Increase visitor attraction sales by targeting online customers

A crucial part of business is targeting and appealing to customers online – especially with an increasing number of users across all digital platforms. Online outreach and marketing aren’t easy, and you might struggle to keep up with everything you need to do, especially when managing multiple platforms.

However, it is definitely worth taking the time to improve your online presence, as it enables you to create stronger connections with your visitors and encourage them to return.

  • You should utilise a variety of channels if you’re looking to expand your potential customer base.
  • Integrate your attraction with several tourism websites, such as or Expedia, to help spread the word about your business in the local area.
  • Utilise analysis and reporting tools to easily visualise and break down the different sales channels. This will help you see which partnerships are bearing fruit and which aren’t, helping you fuel future business decisions.

The importance of server reliability

If your internet connection drops or is unreliable, you could be reducing your revenue or losing repeat business. No customer wants to wait a long time to be admitted into a venue or to purchase something from a gift shop or food stall.

A reliable server will allow you to process sales and admit guests into your venue quickly, reducing wait times. The less time a customer has to wait for a service, the more likely they are to return and spend more money during their visit.

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