Case Studies

AIM training grant – Museum of Bath Stone

Attending GEM’s Heritage Interpretation Online course has transformed our approach to interpretation. It has changed the way in which I would naturally approach the creation of new interpretation and changed my perception of this being an academic practice to more of an art form.

AIM Pilgrim Trust collections care audit – The Bahamas Locomotive Society

The AIM Pilgrim Trust collections care audit offered the ideal opportunity to seek an evaluation of our current methods of collection care and the success of our application enabled Peter Meehan ACR to visit the museum and provide a report.

AIM Pilgrim Trust collections care grant – The Devil’s Porridge Museum

The object store was completely re-organised and a systematic approach to accessioning was developed, with young volunteers involved at every stage of the project.

AIM Pilgrim Trust collections care grant – The Pen Museum

The AIM grant provided crucial support by enabling the museum to improve both the storage of its collection and environmental monitoring capabilities.

Sudbury Hall – Developing the Children’s Country House

How do you go about delivering transformational change during a pandemic? AIM spoke to Nikki Kirby, General Manager of Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire, about their project to develop the Children’s Country House.

Governance – Nidderdale Museum

Nidderdale Museum used support from AIM’s Prospering Boards programme to begin the transfer to a CIO. Sue Welch, Chair of Nidderdale Museum, tells us how this process is going and shares what they’ve learnt so far. 

Governance – Old Bell Museum

Montgomery Civic Society, who are responsible for the Old Bell Museum, applied to Prospering Boards to undertake a full governance review. We spoke to David Thomas, trustee, about the recommendations and actions that have resulted from this review.

Governance – Amberley Museum

Amberley Museum worked with their Prospering Boards consultant on a strategic plan. Valerie Mills, Director of Amberley, talks us through the process and how the plan has been put into action. 

Shared Stories, Shared Voices at The Foundling Museum

Closed, locked down. Collection, locked in. Two of the toughest problems for the Foundling Museum to overcome, following national closures in March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In response, Shared Stories, Shared Voices has created an innovative new digital experience that democratises the interpretation of museum collections and enables diverse voices to shape and narrate the Museum’s historic stories.