Case Studies

AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Salcombe Maritime Museum

The audit concluded that the vast majority of objects were found to be in a good and stable condition with no significant deterioration noted. However, 11 metal objects showed signs of active corrosion and require specialist conservation.

AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Museum of Farnham

The AIM Pilgrim Trust audit has helped staff prioritise their work and the findings will directly feed into the collections management plan being written this year.

AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum

The report and auditor’s visit have confirmed that we had serious problems with fluctuation of temperature and humidity in the storeroom.

AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Holyhead Maritime Museum

The audit process brought into focus the ongoing concerns about deterioration of materials over time and how to mitigate this through careful planning and awareness of how different materials deteriorate at a different pace.

AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit – Fairfax House, York Civic Trust

The focus of the audit was for Fairfax House to receive guidance on how best to care for and preserve those items from the Museum’s historic collections which are held in storage.

AIM Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Grant – The Trimontium Trust

Central this project has been the rehousing of the wide array of artefacts, ranging from delicate two-thousand-year-old ironwork to exquisite bronze armour and equally fascinating organic remains in state-of-the-art cases with state-of-the-art environmental monitoring. All this is a quantum leap for a small organisation like ours and in this we have been generously supported by the AIM Pilgrim Trust grant.

AIM Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Menai Heritage Museum

Menai Heritage accessioned the medallion to be a future attractive item in the display about Stephenson’s Tubular Railway Bridge, but conservation of the head and its wooden surround was a priority.

AIM Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant – Beck Isle Museum

The Signature Quilt is one of the key objects in the museum’s collection and an important part of the history of Pickering, providing 255 names, all female, of those who were involved with the Sunday school in 1888.

Tackling inequalities – Powell-Cotton Museum

Powell-Cotton Museum is undertaking an ambitious programme of projects, ‘Re-imagining the Museum.’ Inbal Livne, Head of Collections and Engagement, tells us what they’ve learnt so far and the lessons they can share with other AIM members looking to reinterpret their collections and work with communities and groups in new ways.